Immediate results in the pool.
For everyone.
Can you swim? Can your family swim?
Can your friends swim?
"...following the largest ever investigation into school swimming by the ASA that revealed more than half of children aged 7-11 years cannot swim 25 metres unaided. This equates to 1.1 million children that are unable to be safe in and around water” - HRH Duke Cambridge ASA speech June 2013
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Challenges of learning to swim
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Fear of water!
Fear of putting your head back in water
Being unable to breathe in a relaxed way
Not feeling relaxed in the pool
Lack of buoyancy – sinking feeling!
Feeling embarrassed
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Bad prior experiences and nearly drowning
Not being able to complete a length of the pool!
Lack of immediate results from your swimming lessons
Not being able to practice effectively on your own
Lack of feedback and community means feeling lonely and feeling isolated
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Lack of tangible results, even after a few weeks of trying
Feelings of frustration at the lack of progress and then giving up!
Being unable to participate with friends, family and children in water based activities
Competitive nature of other swimmers is intimidating
Swimonomics Solution
Immediate Impact
Be in the correct body position
to swim every time you are
in the pool
Practice Effectively
With permanent support and
being able to swim with
complete freedom
Learn & Improve
Progress with your swimming
at your own rate
Fully Adjustable
As you improve, quickly and
easily adjust the level of
buoyancy support
Swimonomics Solution image describing swimmer progress
Benefits of swimming
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Lower stress, higher spirits and a better brain
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Lower risk of diabetes
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Improved cholesterol
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Improved flexibility
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Healthier heart
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Less stress when swimming
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Weight control
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Increased muscle tone and strength
Image of the human body detailing the benefits in this article.